BRATTLEBORO MUSEUM: "Up in Arms: Taking Stock of Guns"

Exhibition: June 24 - October 23, 2016

Guns exert enormous physical, psychological, and symbolic power over Americans. They are a tool to some, a public safety hazard to others. Issues of race, economic inequality, personal protection, as well as the meaning of the Second Amendment and the concepts of Liberty and Justice underpin our deeply held positions on guns. Discussion of their use and regulation exposes deep fissures within communities across our country.

Up in Arms: Taking Stock of Guns features work by Liu Bolin, Linda Bond, Kyle Cassidy, Madeline Fan, Susan Graham, Jane Hammond, Don Nice, Sabine Pearlman, and Jerilea Zempel. The exhibit delves into our relationship with guns, explores the influence they have on visual artists, and, we hope, will provide a platform for constructive discussion about guns in our society.

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