SEPT. 13-16 & 20-23, 2018: INTERNAL BALLISTICS at PHOTOVILLE 2018

“Internal Ballistics” explores the discomfiting beauty of morally fraught objects: bullets. In the current climate of the gun debate, what often gets lost is the cause of the destruction. This exhibition expands our understanding of the visceral and physical collision between what we know and understand about guns and gun culture, and what many know as a result of being on the end of the projectile. 

In Deborah Bay’s series “The Big Bang,” examining power, violence and energy, Bay isolates the casings and looks through the lens of impact patterns, remaining detached from the human meaning of projectiles and able to contemplate a willful ignorance of violence. 

“AMMO,” by Sabine Pearlman, takes the analytical approach, compelling the viewer to admire the craftsmanship and intact delicacy of objects whose raison d’être is obliteration. Her documentation of bisected live rounds exposes the intense thought and detail used to cause destruction of life.  

Garrett Hansen’s “Hail” lives in between object and impact. Each image is created from individual bullet holes. Shooting a gun is an individual act, and taking these impacts from shooting range to darkroom, the destruction is transformed into haunting beauty. Living in the void, these objects balance destruction with creation.